Anthem Academia

After several years’ hiatus, the Transdimensional Fieldwork Intrapology Conference (TraFIC) is being held once again, thanks to the ingenious use of an old karaoke machine that has been adapted to allow communication between several worlds at the same time. In this show, alien anthropologists use the medium of song to describe their observations about human life, and theories about how we all create worlds through social performance. There’s just one catch: even the performers themselves don’t know what they will sing until the lyrics appear on screen! The audience chooses the song lyrics live, using our custom web app.

‘Anthem Academia’ is a live-digital hybrid, interactive, sci-fi, comedy, karaoke, parody musical. It is part of Season One of Intrapology, a series of interactive stories that will explore how people make worlds together, through the allegory of the Transdimensional Research Institute.

Intrapology should appeal to people who listen to Welcome to Night Vale, watch The Good Place, or play Disco Elysium. By taking actions such as voting on dialogue options, the audience guides what the protagonist says, does, and thinks. This will be a mostly unrehearsed live reading, with two actors performing a script that is shaped by messages and votes from the audience via web app.

Upcoming performances

Test performance at Streatham Space Project as part of the ASSEMBLE Festival

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Streatham Space Project - Scratch Night #2
Join us for an evening of short, work-in-progress performances and new writing exploring crucial topics. Themes of this evening’s scratch performances include social performance, home, heritage, migration, exile and loneliness.