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Does it feel like being a person in this world doesn't quite come naturally to you? Do things like gender and money feel like alien concepts, that you just have to go along with in order to get by? If so, you're not the only one!

The Transdimensional Research Institute assigns sentient beings to target worlds, as part of its ambitious programme of anthropological research. The world you are assigned shapes you, so by understanding yourself you can better understand the world. The more worlds we study together, the better we can understand the social and cultural forces that create them.

We all collectively shape the story

This is a series of interactive stories exploring how people make worlds together. By taking actions such as voting on dialogue options, the audience guides what the protagonist says, does, and thinks.

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A still from an Intrapology show, appears to depict a neon pink and blue themed computer desktop including a video call between two non-binary people and a panel on the right with buttons allowing the audience to vote among a selection of fictional institutions

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Intrapology takes social constructivism very literally, to the point that things get weird. The world does not simply exist on its own, separate to what living beings think and do - we are all, together, involved in “worlding”. The concepts that hold reality together are shaped by our social context - everything exists by unconscious consent of everybody who shares a world.

The question, then, is why we have all consented to live in such a shithole. Can we just not? And what happens then? Is there a way out?

Intrapology is inspired by post-structuralist queer and new materialist writing, particularly in the field of feminist technoscience studies. It aims to playfully tell stories that offer narrative and affective connections with more-than-human ways of thinking bodies and worlds, and contribute to the conceptual shifts required for earthly survival in the capitalocene.

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