Assigned Earth at Birth

Emo enby Cass has discovered that they are not an ordinary human - they are a transdimensional being, assigned to earth to carry out anthropological fieldwork. In this play, they have their first meetings via video call with their otherworldly drag king supervisor, Iris. Understandably, Cass is furious about being assigned to such a horrible project, and demands to be reassigned; but relocation has unanticipated consequences for both characters.

‘Assigned Earth at Birth’ is a live-digital hybrid, interactive sci-fi comedy about doomerism, neurodiversity / neuroqueerness, and the pain of living in a world that works against your survival. It is the first story for Intrapology, a series of interactive stories that will explore how people make worlds together, through the allegory of the Transdimensional Research Institute.

Intrapology should appeal to people who listen to Welcome to Night Vale, watch The Good Place, or play Disco Elysium. By taking actions such as voting on dialogue options, the audience guides what the protagonist says, does, and thinks. This will be a mostly unrehearsed live reading, with two actors performing a script that is shaped by messages and votes from the audience via web app.

Upcoming performances

Lincoln Arts Centre as part of Demo Night

Past performances

Arizona State University as part of the Worlds in Play Festival

Theatre Delicatessen as part of the Social Model & More Festival

From audience feedback at workshop performances

“[Made me feel] Weirdly comforted? Like life makes slightly more sense”
“It made me feel transported.”
“Genius, very funny”
“The form is really bold + ambitious.”
“Made me think/reflect on the complexities of navigating life and society in our world.”

Tickets and info

Theatre Delicatessen - Assigned Earth at Birth by Zoyander Street
Furious at being assigned to Earth to conduct anthropological fieldwork, transdimensional being Emo enby Cass demands to be reassigned, but relocation has unanticipated consequences for Cass and their otherworldly drag-king supervisor, Iris.


Theatre Delicatessen - Meet the Artists for the Social Model & More Festival
We couldn’t be happier to announce these brilliant artists who will explore the social model during this festival, imagining new models for conceptualising disability, while shoring up the essentials of the social contract against those who would undermine it.
Welcome to Sheffield - Assigned Earth at Birth by Zoyander Street